Washington University Subdomain 的指导方针


What is a Subdomain?

Web网站 officially identified with Washington University in St. 路易 have a 第三.edu地址. Depending on how your site is created, it’s either a subdirectory of a subdomain such as 网站.第三.edu(网站.第三.edu/yoursite) or a subdomain of 第三.edu本身(yoursite.第三.edu).

Many subdomain names (sometimes called “alias” or “vanity” domain names) redirect to an existing site.  Redirected subdomain names can be essential in supporting marketing 和 communications objectives, as well as in enhancing user experience. 例如, blooddrive.第三.edu 重定向到 http://gephardtinstitute.www.futbolycuarto.com/blood-drives/.

These web addresses, or URLs, are all on subdomains of the parent domain 第三.edu, which lends each site the 信誉的 .edu域, as well as a clear relationship to Washington University. 的第三.edu域 automatically associates your site with a reputable institution, provides a consistent 和 predictable experience across Washington University web网站, 和 helps rankings in search engines like Google.

Examples of Washington University web addresses include:


Consistent with University Policies

Provide access to a website that follows Washington University’s policies regarding website hosting 和 website design. See more information at University Marketing & 通信, domain name policiesweb hosting policies.


  • Real Words: Specific, Connected to Purpose
  • Your site’s address should be recognizable, consisting of a known keyword, 正式名称, function or service. Honor your group’s 正式名称, but omit words like “program,” “department,” etc., without risking recognizability.  Reflect the vision 和 mission of your group.
  • 缩写
  • 缩写 that are recognizable for your target audience(s) may work, especially with long names.
  • Personal Names 和 Na地中海 Labs
  • Site addresses may not include personal names (e.g., johndoe.第三.edu). Na地中海 labs may use an individual’s name + “lab” (e.g., doelab.第三.edu).
  • URL-Friendly
  • Make the address easy to read 和 underst和 in URL form; this typically means limiting phrases to words. Avoid hyphens, underscores or other characters.
  • 例子:
    Do: 多样性.第三.edu, Don’t: facultyadvancement和institutional多样性.第三.edu
    Do: 地中海icalalumni.第三.edu, Don’t: 地中海icalalumni和development.第三.edu


Include the keywords your target audience might use to look for your site on Google 和 other search engines. (Learn about search engine optimization/SEO.)

For Parallel Services

If your group has a parallel office at the university level, make the distinction clear.

Examples of university services provided by groups on the 丹弗斯校区, 和 the parallel services provided by groups on the 医学校区:
别的.第三.edu                                facilities.地中海.第三.edu
marcomm.第三.edu                 publicaffairs.地中海.第三.edu
多样性.第三.edu                              多样性.地中海.第三.edu

Program-Specific Sites

Likewise, if your site is specific to a program, make that clear.

The Washington University 校友 Association: alumni.第三.edu
The alumni program of Olin Business School: olin.第三.edu/alumni
The Office of Admission of School of Medicine: mdadmissions.第三.edu


  • Avoid acronyms (unless well known to your target audiences).
  • 依靠“第三.edu” for any mention of the university; do not insert redundancy 和 unnecessary length with additional mentions of the university. 例如, “WU” is redundant in WUDiningServices.第三.edu.


Application for a Subdomain


申请通过 Subdomain Request form. Your request will go to Washington University Marketing & 通信, which reviews all subdomain requests from a communications perspective.  After approval by MarComm, your request will route automatically to WashU IT.


请参见 Medical Public Affairs URL Guide 和 Subdomain Protocol.

Updated August 2018